About Us

We are located at 750 Kohler Street Los Angeles, CA 90021
We open Monday- Friday 9 am to 5pm Pacific Time (hablamos español )
Office 213-629-4300  Fax 213-0052  Cellphone 213-270-3344
Our History., We do Wholesale & Retail 

Our Company, Fabric For Us by Triple Textile, Inc., has been around for more than 20 years. Helping everyone in all of their fabric needs. We give 100% guarantee that our stocks of fabrics are of First-Class Quality and the most affordable prices you can ever find. We have hundreds of designs and millions of fabrics in stock. The Management and Staff of this company are always willing and able to give you excellent customer service all the time. We guarantee our Service, Quality and Timely Delivery. When you are looking for any kind of fabric, send us your sample and we will send you a match right away. We look forward to do business with you.